M.Sc. Botany


M.Sc Botany is the branch of biology that deals with the advanced study of plant life. It is a postgraduate degree programme that can be completed in 2 years (IV SEMESTER). The course covers the structure, metabolism, reproduction, evolution and development and the relationship of the plant kingdom with the environment.


Top Employment Sectors

Candidates completing MSc in Botany can make a successful career in any of the

areas below:

 Pharmaceuticals Production


 Biotechnology Firms

 Food Companies

 Oil Industry

 Fruit Growers

 Seed Companies

 Chemical Companies

 Biological Supply House

 National Park Service

 Department of Environmental   Protection

 Departments of Conservation and Land   Management

 Departments of Agriculture 

 Plant Health Inspection Services

 Nature Conservancy

 Public Health Service

 Environmental Protection Agency

 Department of Plant Pathology