Treasurer's Desk

Sunil Kumar Bijarniya - TreasurerSunil Kumar Bijarniya
Marwar P.G. Mahavidyalaya Kuchaman City  
We welcome you to the world of knowledge and learning. As you enter the college with your dreams and aspirations, an ambience of openness and innumerable opportunities await you providing space, scope and skill to carve your future and a niche in society. In its long and dynamic journey of extending the outreach of education for student, the college has remained an interface between knowledge and societal expectations, between aspirations of its young stakeholders and the hard reality looking into their faces and between national goal and local challenges. In return our student community – our brand ambassadors surmounting all odds have taken the college to the hall of fame by their accomplishments – we are proud of them. In them, you will find your role models.